Storks have no worry about job security thanks in part to the Ferri family. Babies are us – or rather our children.  We’re up to six grandchildren now and the seventh is on the way, but who’s counting?

Ashely and Jeremy Stewart recently delivered a beautiful little girl named Evelyn Rose. She came into the world on September 19.

Shortly thereafter, we were told about another stork delivery in the spring. Nick and Ashley Ferri are adding to their household and are due the end of April. All is good!

On to less exciting news, we’ve been living out of a 19-foot travel trailer for the past 15 months and have visited more than 25 states. Our intent was to visit all 50 in 50 months, which we still hope to do; however, our plans are changing.  We’re thinking about moving back into a real house and staging our travels from there.

We’re now hunkered down in an RV park outside of Austin and will stay here a few more months to help Ashley and Jeremy with the baby. The RV park we’re in is okay, but there are few amenities and the internet rarely works. It’s also built next a railroad track and every night trains blast their horn as they go through an intersection just a few hundred yards away. There goes the 1:30 AM train – right on time.

Why did we pick this place? It wasn’t easy finding a spot. Austin’s economy is exploding and thousands of people are pouring in. RV living is affordable for both transient workers who are building the infrastructure and those coming here to stay. Austin is also a popular destination for Winter Texans seeking to get out of the cold.

Competition for RV space is reflected in the prices people are paying, and renting a house or townhome may be a better choice. There are several furnished rentals available in an active over-55 community about 20 minutes from our daughter’s home. We’re thinking about this alternative to be close to family part of the time, then lock up and leave to travel the rest of the time.

That’s the direction this Vagabond journey has turned. We’ll keep you updated when we know more.