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Day 15: Two Miracles in One Day

August 14: A Day to Remember

Miracles don’t occur very often. When two happen in one day it’s a miracle in itself. Yesterday was one of those days.

Brady 1 Day Old

The first miracle was Brady Gene Ferri coming into this world. Brady was born to our son Thomas and his wife Jess early in the morning in St. Louis. Daria’s earlier blog has all the details. We’re looking forward to meeting Brady and visiting with Thomas, Jess, Tyson and Desmond in mid-September.


The second miracle happened upon Daria’s 85 year old mother, Marguerite Hoelscher. Marguerite was driving back from the market by herself on August 13 when she hit a curve and lost control. The car flipped 2 ½ times and ended up in a cotton field resting on the passenger’s side. The airbags deployed on initial impact, and she found herself dangling in her seat-belt when everything stopped.

Marguerite started dialing family members for help (she forgot to dial 911). A passing car stopped to help, made the 911 call and emergency vehicles were dispatched. Rescue workers had to use the Jaws of Life to cut her out of the car.

Miraculously, Marguerite had no serious injuries and was released from the hospital a few hours later. The Sheriff said a combination of a big car, airbags deploying, and a Guardian Angel saved her life.


Day 14: Our Day just got Brighter


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  1. Jo Brown

    Miracles do happen – starting with that blessed little new one and Granny close call!
    Continued Blessings on all the Ferri Family 😉
    Congratulations y’all

  2. Ann Leonard

    Thank God your Mom is OK. She certainly had her Guardian Angel with her!

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